RV Maintenance

If you have an RV and you use it quite often, then you should be sure to maintain it regularly. After all, you would not want any last minute problems arising, especially if you are driving in the middle of nowhere with no service shop in sight for at least the next few miles or so. Here are eight highly effective tips that you should follow in order to maintain your RV.


The fresh water systems would have to be winterized when you expect the winter season to be approach. The cold weather could damage these systems, and winterizing it would actually help in preventing such damages.

Drainage Systems

The RV toilet systems can suffer clogging and damage easily. Therefore, be sure that any toilet paper that you used is disposed off in a bin instead of the toilet. You should also make use of special RV toilet papers and chemicals that will help in making sure that your drainage system does not suffer from clogged up side valves, odor issues, or false readings.

RV Refrigerators

While you are storing things inside of your refrigerator, you should be sure to keep the door open all the way so that you can prevent any odor or mildew buildup in the refrigerator.

Fresh Water Tanks and Water Heaters

The fresh water from these tanks should always be drained first thing so that you do not end up drinking stale water. Also, make use of the heaters that are engine assisted which will help you use your water while you drive.


On your RV tires, you will be able to see the tire pressure that has been recommended by the manufacturers. Be sure to keep your tires pressure at the stated limits, nothing more and nothing less.

Roof Maintenance and Care

You should always take care to keep the roof of your RV clean and well maintained. This cleaning process should be carried out many times in a year, and should especially depend on the amount of exposure of your RV to debris, dirt, and various other elements in the environment. You can clean your roof by making use of a roof brush with soft bristles.


When you are in the process of starting or stopping the generator, you should be sure to turn off and unplug all 110 volt electrical appliances such as microwaves, TVs, DVD players, and AC.


The main purpose of an RV is for occupancy in the short term and to support other recreational activities. If you are staying in your RV for some time, then you should be sure to understand how you should control and manage the humidity of the RV. The exhaust fans in the kitchen can be used after you have bathed or cooked and also during the process. You should also be sure to open all of the windows and vents in your RV so that the overall circulation can improve.