Traveling extensively in the cooler months?

No matter where you travel, moisture is always an issue. Due to varying temperatures outside and inside, moisture is going to occur. To minimize condensation, mold and mildew it is stringently recommended to use one of the following products.

  1. Air–Dryer 1000 
    Eliminates mold, mildew and moisture. Requires 110 volt for use, but is by far is one of the best products for moisture, mildew and mold control.
  2. Eva–Dry Dehumidifier
    Is also a very effective way to control humidity in your coach and requires very little maintenance to maintain and operate.
  3. Dri–Z–Air 
    Is a moisture control system requiring pellets that absorb moisture and allow it to collect inside a container. The container does need to be emptied from time to time and reloaded with the pellets. You should be careful with this product because it is very toxic.